norway / love.

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day for the romantic aspect. I could care less about roses and candlelight dinners and expectations. I’m more throw me a mini box of chocolates like this favorite and make all the cute Valentine’s things.

It’s really about the making, isn’t it?

First up, of course, is a hearts hat for February. I knit this one up using two skeins of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in blue surf for the main color and bergamota for the hearts. It came out just as I hoped–slightly slouchy, incredibly bright. I did modify the pattern a bit (From Norway With Love) to accommodate a short heat by putting one less row of hearts in the color work section.

5 responses to “norway / love.”

  1. Your colorwork is so beautiful! I need to practice more so I can make myself one of these, it’s adorable.

    1. THANK you so much for your kind words and for stopping by my blog! Everyone can be a color work master! It’s all about proper tension, selecting colors that will create A LOT of contrast to one another, and plenty of wet blocking. Cheers!

  2. OMG! I freakin love this hat! I would wear this everyday. Seriously, can I have one?!

    1. thank you britney!

      1. You’re welcome Jenna!

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