Sorting through old photos, I stumbled upon my Antler mittens, gosh, knit at least 5 years ago now in a squishy Malabrigo Merino Worsted. But where did these mittens go? Did I gift them to someone? I feverishly searched through my bins and bins of knitwear last night in a quest to start wearing these to no avail. I did gift them out. My ravelry now tells me I made them for my sister in law in 2009; I have my obsessive cataloging of every stitch at ravelry, and have it to thank for reconnecting me to the things I make, in a sense.

Do you have long lost handmade knits? Or do you obsessively keep track of where they are gifted to or where they end up? I feel like the antlers mittens are just the tipping point into realizing I have seemingly lost a lot of the canon of my work.

Have you knit Antlers? If not, you should. Perhaps this means I have to knit another pair? I’m thinking in a bright color–like chartreuse, or edison bulb, or mustard yellow. Thoughts on what my very own pair of Antlers, not gifted but for me, should look like?

2 responses to “antlers.”

  1. I know what you mean… I once lost one of a pair of mittens once so I only had one left 😦 My boyfriend has been made numerous knitted/crocheted gifts that have been lost also. I wonder where these lonely handmade items are now? I only knit for the people I really care about though and they appreciate the work that goes into making their gifts.

    1. Agreed Nina! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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