final batik.

While this isn’t the “maker” project for me (too much of a perfectionist to deal with the loose nature and all the imperfections that come with applying hot wax to muslin), I am happy I worked with 12 middle schoolers for 10 weeks and was exposed to something new.

I love making things with my hands. I love teaching the making. I love seeing kids’ progress, their ebbing and flowing, their unhappiness with the product, and their happiness with a product. I, too, experience all of that, all the time. It’s the maker way. It doesn’t mean you stop.

For now, here is my final batik of the term before I ironed out the wax. I’m happiest with this one, of all the batiks I made this term. I doubt I’ll be doing this again, but you never know. I think this batik will turn into a zip top pouch for all my knitting notions.

What do you think?

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