Remember when I mentioned I’d bought several Pendleton wool remnants because I wanted to refinish an antique wood bench I bought for my new house?

Well, with the help of my artist sister, this weekend, I successfully decided which print would fit the style of the bench best and got it done. It was mostly my sister getting the curves just so, and the measurements perfect, but her help made all the difference. The end result is a perfectly polished, professional looking reupholstered antique bench.

I can’t wait to find a nice place for it in my new home. Less than two weeks until moving day!


I stitched up this hilarious cross stitch pattern for my good friend Mackenzie, in honor of her 31st birthday. She’s a K. West fan and a lover of all juxtaposition; this seemingly antique feeling stitchery and script made for the perfect marriage to a 21st century rap lyric.

She loved it. Framed and gifted. Here’s a snap of it before framing. You can purchase the pattern from Raging Stitches here.


I’m moving, very soon. And so, that means since I’m a homeowner, I can make things in my life a little more permanent. Like custom return address stamps, from this awesome place, which has a really fast turn around.

I did a version that is just mine and then one that includes that my guy will also be resident at the new, humblest abode. I like both versions muchly.

Do you have custom address labels? What other things does a new homeowner need?