I really do love the final result of these socks made for Sean in the ever-loving but always sought after Knit Picks Felici self striping sock, which only comes around every so often.

These simple after-thought heel socks are Sean’s favorite because I’ve really got the formula down for what fits his feet, and now that he’s living here and not in the desert, he has many more opportunities to rock wool socks. Quite frankly, I don’t know how–besides on camping trips–he ever trotted around central Phoenix in wool. But, color me crazy.

Fall has reinvigorated my desire for knitting. I took the summer off. I think it’s because I had a lot on my plate–moving into my first house, helping Sean drive his possessions cross country, and just needing a break from making. I think if you aren’t feeling passionate for the work, why do it? Respond to your desire for breaks; it doesn’t mean you won’t get back to it.

And now that there’s a nip in the air and I’m settled into my house and most of my items are in the places I hope they reside for the next several years, I’m back at my stash and looking to make. Prepare to see more of it, and often, in this space. From knitting and crochet, to cross stitch, and what’s churning around my spoon in the kitchen, I’m really back in the making game.

What are you making, knitting, right now?

See more of my socks here.

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