Last night, I noticed the doc wearing the very first pair of socks I ever knit for him–back in 2012. It was a small moment that reminded me my hand knits are appreciated. They are also a nice window into my knitting proclivities of the time–what fibers did I like? What colors? During this time, I also knit most of my socks with a funny, red athletic toe line, like I’ve seen on countless commercial socks.

It acts as a living history of my making. These socks were a combination of wool and bamboo and I quite like the way they feel against skin. Perhaps I should make another pair?

5 responses to “old.”

  1. Aw. I like the red toe line. And the sock history.

    1. thank you! and thanks so much for reading

  2. My husband loves knit socks and keeps asking for more!

    1. i’m about to cast on a crazy neon pair. can’t wait.

  3. […] is how the doc always is when I make him things. From the moment I met him and gifted him his first pair of hand knit socks, he’s worn them whenever they are clean. In the desert. In 110 degrees. That guy, he wore my […]

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