I decided I need a comfy orange and greenish striped sweater as temperatures in Boston chill. I’m using Tea with Jam and Bread as my base because I’ve made it before and I loved the way it fit. This time around, though, I’m doing 2 inches of striping in contrasting colors throughout the whole ofContinue reading “striped.”


Finally, this weather makes me feel inclined to knitting. While a hat was what brought me back in the game after a summer hiatus (pictures forthcoming), it’s these neon socks that are solidifying my dance, again, with my favorite fiber craft. Yet another pair of after-thought heel socks for the doc, who appreciates and wearsContinue reading “neon.”


This winter, I’m learning to quilt on Sundays from my mum. She’s been a beautiful hand quilter for years, and I’m finally ready to learn her craft. At the Deerfield Fair this past weekend, I saw one of the more incredible hand quilts I’ve seen at the arts and crafts building in years. This quiltContinue reading “inspiration.”