This winter, I’m learning to quilt on Sundays from my mum. She’s been a beautiful hand quilter for years, and I’m finally ready to learn her craft. At the Deerfield Fair this past weekend, I saw one of the more incredible hand quilts I’ve seen at the arts and crafts building in years. This quilt had an amazing back story too–the woman who created it spent 4 years toiling on this piecework–1976 to 1980.

There’s been a lot of talk about this “Slow Fashion” movement, but I think the conversation can be extended to “slow making” as well. I see a lot of makers churning out item after item and I often wonder, “How do you have time to complete all those projects so quickly?”

One of my goals this year is to slow down and enjoy the making. In the past, I too, have churned out garment or hat after hat, and never wearing them again or even gifting them out, only to find them years later and say “Oh, yeah. I forgot about this one.” I know inevitably, with knitting for more than a decade, a bit of that is bound to happen. But, my goal is to try and remember the things I make–take time, and care–and not worry about speed or how many items I’m churning out.

This summer, I didn’t knit or make a single garment. And it felt good to take a break. Now that the weather has turned, I have that itch again; I’m just going to be more intentional about where I itch. And that itch may just be in quilting.

2 responses to “inspiration.”

  1. I think this a lot when reading crafting blogs. On one hand, I’m super jeals because I want to make all the things. On the other hand, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by how much stuff I have, and I want to spend the time to really consider what I’m making. Maybe it’s because I learned to sew by quilting, but I think I’ll always have a slow maker mentality!

    1. YES JANE! Thank you for that!

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