Finally, this weather makes me feel inclined to knitting. While a hat was what brought me back in the game after a summer hiatus (pictures forthcoming), it’s these neon socks that are solidifying my dance, again, with my favorite fiber craft.

Yet another pair of after-thought heel socks for the doc, who appreciates and wears my socks, daily, albeit more now, in this new, non-desert climate of ours. I love the way the after thought heel looks and takes shape; if you are like me and are inclined to contrasting toe and heel colors, this is the best method for making it look seamless.

These are knit up with Regia Fluormania Color 4-Ply in the Rainbow colorway. It’s a knockout. I’ve never seen anything so bright in my life. But using some leftover bits of Malabrigo Sock in Cote D’Azure, really helped break some of the wow and added a nice pop–the neon lends itself nicely against the darker navy and it reminds me of ski socks.

Quite happy with the way they are turning out; just one more to go.

Do any of you knit your socks two at a time? I still haven’t tried getting into method because I don’t want to invest in a whole ton more circular needles, but thoughts?

6 responses to “neon.”

  1. I love it! I also want to try two at a time, but my problem is that I buy sock yarn in a 400 yard hank and cannot figure out how to split that evenly in two balls to knit two at a time! Maybe I am just not really thinking it thru, but without a way to measure, I would have anxiety worrying if one ball was bigger than the other! 🙂

    1. I also buy a lot of sock yarn in this way too…I guess it would have to be wound into two balls, or you’d have to buy two balls and then have an entire socks’ worth leftover, which doesn’t seem realistic since I rarely use the same colors twice. I didn’t even think that part through! Thanks for reading my blog, too, by the way!

      1. I know…if I ever wrap my mind around it, I will let you know! I just started blogging my knitting and stuff so stop by my corner of the internet! I have enjoyed reading what other people do as well!

      2. I absolutely will! Cheers.

  2. Wow, stunning yarn. As for knitting two at a time, I’ve heard of otherwise confident sock-knitters having a wobble when they tried this technique. Just saying…
    (None of my socks have been two-at-a-time, so I can’t comment directly.)

    1. It is amazing yarn. I have one skein in the neon beach colorway too– I recommend everyone have one crazy bright pair of socks in their wardrobe. I think I’ll stitch to my slow and trusty DPNs.

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