arched gusset mittens.


These are the Purl Bee Arched Gusset Mittens, without the final tails trimmed off yet. I kind of like them, even if they serve zero purpose. But I’ll weave them in and give them up.

These mittens were ridiculously fast and easy to knit up. I adore them. I’m thinking about slightly felting them to make them even warmer and sturdier. What do you think? To felt or not to felt? My only hesitation with the felting is you will loose that arched gusset detail, which kind of is the entire point of these mittens. Maybe I just answered my own question.

These are the second size, but I adjusted some of the length to accommodate my tiny hands. I think I could even go down to the kids size (first) and be OK with the fit. I’ll definitely be making more of these in other colors or maybe with a pop of contrasting color at the top.

I knit these up using a ball of Patons Classic Wool in the dark gray marl colorway. I don’t normally use this yarn, but I had a few balls of it in my stash from probably 10+ years ago when I was still buying and using box store yarns, and its 100% wool, which is what I care most about–the fiber content!


Marl yarns are really “in” right now in the knitting world; I’ve been using them more, too. So perhaps I was ahead of the times when I purchased these so many years back.

What are you knitting with marl yarns?


More snaps of my mittens here.


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