succulents + gouache.


Sean and I have been messing more and more with gouache painting. Last Saturday, we decided to pain some succulents + cacti. Sean was really deepening his color palettes by layering and I was working the opposite by totally washing everything out since I want to be better with the water side of paints and water colors somewhat frighten me.


I’m pretty happy with my finished product, but I can’t decide if I should have done a light background on the entire piece. It’s a first stab at the prickly pear and it will probably sit in my sketchbook forever, but it was fun to get painting again.

rook pullover, in progress.


Here is a quick shot of my Rook Pullover by Kyoko Nakoyoshi right after I divided the body and sleeves. Paying attention during the increasing section and flipping between the sleeve and body charts was a pain since I read patterns on my phone, but it wasn’t a challenging pattern to understand, despite looking so!

I love the way its coming out. Instead of using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter as this pattern called for, I decided to try knitting it in Quince and Co.’s Owl Tweet yarn in the buffalo plaid colorway. The rich wine color is amazing, but now that we are headed into spring, I’m yearning for brighter, sunnier colors and this feels so winter.

Alas, next winter I will appreciate it, so I plod along.

Top down sweaters are my favorite because you can try them on as you go and I always struggle with fit–too tight, comfortable to wear but sloppy looking size wise, the whole gamut. I wanted this one to fit appropriately, so I am knitting the smallest size and hoping it won’t be too tight after blocking, though it should be fitted.

Here’s to hoping its completed in the next few days. What’s on your needles?