flex | finish line.


My Flex tshirt by Heidi Kirrmaier is nearly finished! All that’s left is a little side seaming and I can officially find out whether this is going to fit the way I want it to (fingers crossed for me, please).

What a dream pattern. The construction was different and engaging and the Quince and Co. Kestrel linen was the perfect yarn. Plus, all told, this tshirt took less than two weeks without feverish knitting every night. This is actually my first tshirt in all my years as a knitter and I think I’m presently addicted.

Finished project shots forthcoming.


What other tshirts should I consider knitting?

6 responses to “flex | finish line.”

  1. Oh the construction of this top is so interesting! I really like the yarn over eyelet detail along the shoulders. Fingers crossed it fits you perfectly!

    1. it does fit perfectly! photos shortly…

    2. it does fit like a DREAM! photos coming…

    1. thank you!

  2. […] You can read more about my process here. […]

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