wip | riva hat.


The Riva Hat, as part of Quince and Co.’s Sea Smoke collection (which also features a sweater I definitely want to knit), is a must knit. I decided to use Brooklyn Tweed Shelter instead of the called for Quince and Co. Lark because I had a bunch of it in my stash, and because I’ve been really obsessed with Brooklyn Tweed yarns for a few years now and often choose to knit with it if I can. It’s just so easy; those colors, the wool feel, the slight tweed. It’s a dream yarn.

And so, the Riva hat gets the Brooklyn Tweed treatment and its a beautiful fit. Knit up in the following colorways: Almanac for the main and Fossil for the white diamonds. I used tiny bits of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the chartreuse colorway for the smaller diamonds because I had it on hand and no Hayloft, which would have been my color choice.

It’s a really quick knit–if you’ve got a Sunday afternoon to spare, make this hat. I’m already envisioning other color combinations.

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