protest | hats.


In a few shorts weeks, a pile of incredible women I know will jump into my mum’s RV, Kitty, for a road trip. And while we have done countless cross country adventures throughout the years, this will be something with a different goal.

We will be marching with hoards of other women on Washington, to protest this president, his cabinet, and all they stand for. For some, it will be their first march on Washington. And my contribution to the group?

Hand knit hats as part of the Pussy Hat project. If you know little of the project, you should read more. The above is the palette that inspired my hats–so far, I’ve knit 5 hats, with a handful more to go. Along with each hat, I will include a copy of We Should All Be Feminists and a homemade cup of noodles for the road.

Snaps of our finished hats to come! Are you joining the movement?

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