blocked | forester.


This is my second Forester by Michele Wang. I just adore this pattern. The construction is interesting and unlike any sweater I’ve knit before–you start at the neck, increase for the sleeves, then knit one sleeve completely, work to the next sleeve, knit that one completely, and then go back to the body.

Genius! No sleeves to do last. I love that. It feels like it knits faster, and the two strands of worsted weight held together on size 11 needles helps, too.

It’s such a flattering finish off. I’ve done it in two different yarns–this one in Cascade 220  in the silver gray and white colorways respectively. It’s exactly what I had hoped it would look like.

More details, to come, with finished snaps. My first version of this sweater was gifted to my mum last year for her birthday. I’ve gifted her a handful of sweaters over the years; she says, by far, this is her favorite one to wear.

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