homemade | cup of noodles.


My mum, sister, myself, and a friend hit the road to Washington, D.C. last Friday to stand in solidarity with all women and people of color to protest our president. And being the road warriors we are, I knew we’d need warm sustenance.

So I took a stab at making homemade cup of noodles. All we had to do was add hot water and a yummy meal was ready.

I did a handful of different kinds–two beef based, with tofu, shiitake mushrooms I’d sauteed in olive oil, salt, pepper, spinach, frozen veggies, and soy sauce, and hot sauce, with ramen noodles on top. I also made a chicken based one which mimicked chicken noodle with Japanese udon, and a vegetarian based one for my sister with miso paste, soy sauce, hot sauce, edamame, spinach, tofu, and broccoli slaw.

They were a hit. I’d definitely make different versions of these again. Hearty, warm, and filling. I used this guide. You should make them soon.

Food is fuel. Protest is power.

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