fried rice | weeknight dinner.


I’ve been trying to keep my weeknight cooking easy but filled with variety this winter. I hate getting into food ruts.

This shrimp fried rice is the perfect midweek dinner that’s super quick, easy to execute, and definitely filling. Plus, its a fun way to use shrimp and the rice is chock full of fried egg for additional protein and so many veggies (you can add endless veggies) that you don’t need to cook anything else to go with it.

The trick? Make your rice a couple of days before and let it dry out in the fridge. The drier the rice, the better its fried and more authentic it tastes. Rice can be gummy. This meal would not be pleasurable if every grain was stuck together in a big gluey mess. Trust me–its a step you can’t skip.

What’s more, you can just boil your rice one night when you are making another quick dinner, pop it in a container, and then you’ve cut your work down when you finally get around to making this dinner.

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