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This is one of my latest block prints that’s got me thinking and wanting to print it everywhere. It just needs fabric.

I tested it in my First 1oo Days sketchbook, which is a project I am working on to help me process and make art as part of my creative resistance. I call this one “Which way?”

What kinds of things are you doing? Making?

6 responses to “print | sketchbook”

    • it’s actually just speedy-carve block, not lino. i’m planning to make a lino one soon, but I haven’t decided on a pattern or design yet. I like these speedy carves because you can make a whole bunch of quick stamps.

      Start with speedy carve because its so much easier than lino. Can’t wait to see your results!

  1. Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to make block prints. Creative resistance. I like that, and creative persistance, too, when faced with the cutting of NEA funding, and an administration hostile to the arts. Wonderful work. Rock on.

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