trips | xcountry camping.


I just got back from two weeks on the road–camping across the south and stopping in places like Louisville, Memphis, Shreveport, Dallas, El Paso, Las Cruces, White Sands, Phoenix, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs.

It was a trip. I got a lot of reading, knitting, and sun in. It was magical. My field bag kept me company. And you can see snaps here.

3 responses to “trips | xcountry camping.”

  1. Love this, your snaps look amazing! Token adorable dog appreciation also – May I ask where you got your drawstring bag from and pins? They’re so cute!

    1. thank you! the bag is from Fringe Supply Co. and its a game changer. every serious knitter should own one. I also got a few of the pins from her site as well; some of the other pins came from various etsy shops. Look here: and here:

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Thanks! love it all!

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