f.o. | striped birthday socks.


Sean’s 34th birthday socks, knit up with a simple after thought heel in Quaere Fibre self-striping sock yarn in the Snips and Snails colorway.

You can bet I went and bought another skein of this gorgeous yarn in a different colorway immediately.

Here are my project notes. More of my hand knit socks here.

cooking | birthday macs.

34097125376_8f057928b0_cSean’s 34th was last week. He wanted to grill burgers. Instead of just grilling burgers, though, I had to take it up a notch.

Enter the homemade Big Mac, with three buns, homemade special sauce, minced onions, pickles, shredded lettuce, and loads of yellow cheese.

These were so easy to make and tasted just like the real deal, only I made them at home.

Try it sometime. You won’t regret.

cooking | leftover nachos chilaquiles.


Last night’s nachos become the next morning’s breakfast with these short cut chilaquiles. When I make homemade nachos, we always have leftovers. But, they get soggy in the fridge overnight and never quite crisp back up again in the oven.

So, what are soggy tortilla chips smothered in pintos, pepper jack, red onion, and jalapenos good for? The base of an amazing breakfast.

I throw some extra beans (made the night before, too) in the bottom (with juices) of a baking dish, throw the soggy nachos on top of that, some pico with juices on top of that, then crack two or three eggs on the entire thing, salt and pepper it, and throw it in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until the eggs are just so (somewhere in that range).

They are magical. And the soggy nachos don’t go to waste.

block prints | light to dark.


As previously documented, I’m stuck on block printing. It seems to be a make that’s stuck–I keep trying new things, experimenting, and envisioning new blocks.

Here’s a small block I made of a circle with an x through it. I played with light to dark colors here, with a mix in between. I’m actually quite pleased with the result and want to print it again, on a larger scale or a different color cotton. Dark fabric, light print would be amazing.

Eventually, I’m thinking of turning these into little zip cases for notions and other bits and bobs you carry around in your purse. What do you think?

f.o. | birthday stripes.

33294929604_947fd8ae80_cThe doc loves my hand knit socks. He wears them almost religiously, until its swamp summer climates. And every holiday, birthday, celebration, or just because, I make him a pair.

He’s amassed quite the collection. A lot of them have been phased out of wear because I won’t darn holes in socks. That’s the wear they get.

Here is his 34th birthday socks, gifted to him yesterday. These are a classic after thought heel sock (perfect for self-striping sock yarn), knit up in Quaere Fibre sock in the snips and snails colorway. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I definitely want to know a few more pairs with this yarn–hand dyed by a Rhode Island based fiber artist. Grab some! You won’t be disappointed.

Here are my project notes.

weeknight dinner | flank steak tostadas.


Homemade tostadas are my newest obsession. I’ve always loved them, and I often fry my own tortilla chips, so why wouldn’t I be making tostadas like they are going out of style?

Who knows why not, but now I am.


These tostadas were topped with mashed black beans, mashed avocado, grilled flank steak (which I marinated in lime juice, chipotle peppers, fresh cilantro and garlic), shredded lettuce, and jack cheese. I also quick pickled some red onions in lime juice and salt, which were amazing, and created a lime crema with sour cream, salt and pepper, to drizzle over the entire mess.

It was one of the best quick dinners I’ve made in awhile.

Serve with an iced cold beer and you’ve got yourself a party.

stash | quaere fibre.


Grabbed this beauty from Quaere Fibre out of my stash to make some socks for the doc, who has a birthday coming up and much appreciates the hand knits.

Quaere self-striping sock yarns are hand dyed just down the road from me in Rhode Island. This is the snips and snails colorway, which so far, is knitting up some gorgeous–the socks I’m knitting have an after thought heel, a technique that always looks amazing with self-striping sock yarns.


I wonder how many stash busting projects I’ve completed in the last year?

inspiration | notes.


I have a lot of sketchbooks. Ones that are half filled, ones that are entirely filled, ones never touched. I start them, I stop them, sometimes, I finish them, whatever that means.

But, nothing is more special to me than the way I conceive of my music podcast, available at my other love, P+C. It’s a labor–and a form of art–to pick the list of potential tracks, to draw out what I think the artwork should look like, and to eliminate and create the final track list.

Occasionally, that book also turns into a sketchbook or a space to dabble–with new, small scale block prints, or quick little drawings.

What kinds of lists and sketches do you keep?

bakes | hatch green chile quiche.


My camping trip through the southwest instilled in me a yearning for more of it my life. That green chile cheeseburger I had in Alamagordo, New Mexico, was life changing.

And so, as soon as I was back home, I dove into the cache of green chiles I have frozen and whipped up a green chile and pepper jack quiche for Sunday breakfast.

You need to make this. Just chop up some roasted Hatch, New Mexico green chiles that have been properly roasted and gobble. There’s nothing like them.

f.o. | hamlin peak.


I love Quince and Co. Kestrel linen yarn. I knit this flex tee in it last year, and to date, it is one of my favorite knits–for the interesting construction, the fit, and the compliments I have received when I wear it (“You made that?).

Knitting is, by far, my longest, and most interesting love affair. It’s so rewarding and equally frustrating at times. But, I always come back to it and I can’t quit it. I think about sitting down to my project several times a day; there are far too many projects, yarns, inspiring makers, to fit it all in. I’ve made countless sweaters that I never wear–deciding they don’t look good on me or aren’t as beautiful as other makers’ knits.

And that’s Hamlin Peak by Pam Allen, a sweater I’ve been eyeing to knit for about a year and finally decided it was time. It’s a really quick and easy knit; lots of stockinette and increases at each edge. I love the way it flows. But, will I wear it? We shall see…

This was knit up with 9 skeins of Quince and Co. kestrel in the minos colorway, which I already had in my stash when I was going to make something else and decided against it (score for another complete stash buster!). I actually knit the 33-inch bust size, because in my experience using this yarn for a garment before, it definitely grows a lot with blocking. However, its springy, and can shrink up pretty easily with a quick fluff in the dryer post blocking. Knitting the size 33 was the right decision; its a perfect fit. Hamlin Peak is a little cropped in the back; but I think this would look good with a pair of gray jeans or with a summer dress.

What do you think? Snaps wearing it, soon.