sew | summer shirts.


I desperately want to get better at sewing. It never happens, mostly because I don’t have a sewing machine. And so, my mum takes me down to her studio every once in awhile to give me a lesson. But, I get lazy sometimes, and don’t want to work on my projects. I’d rather just hang out.

And I’m shit at it, so I avoid it.

This summer, I have a goal to at least become a little better at sewing–maybe enough so to warrant my own basic machine someday. I’ll be off from work, and have the time, I tell myself. Evenings could be spent tooling around, rather than watching t.v. or falling asleep early. I can’t sacrifice my outside during the day time, but here’s a way to get it in.

I’ve decided Grainline Studio‘s Scout Tee and Willow Tank are two easy patterns that I could get some reward from and I could wear these in the summer, and likely, to work, in the fall and spring. Plus, I love everything Jen at Grainline does–from sewing, to knitting, and beyond. It’s inspiring. Her work is amazing–aspirational, in fact.

What are you sewing? What would you recommend I try?

4 responses to “sew | summer shirts.”

  1. Starting from simple one day projects is a brilliant idea, something your can make and wear straight away. Once you do and like the end result, I suggest starting to fiddle with the pattern- add pockets, peter pan collars etc. That’s when it gets really fun 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I know you could possibly be in the US but on the offchance I have old Singer FOC if you want it

    1. thats so kind of you! i am stateside, unfortunately! thanks for reading!

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