cook | avocado toast.


Brunching in my house just got a major upgrade. I’m not always a big fan of going out with the masses on Sunday, waiting in line for brunch, and feeling too full and coma like after to have enjoyed any of it. I prefer Sundays on my back porch (weather permitting), early morning even rather than midday, with the Sunday Times, and some homemade eats. I often make quiches. I’ve tried waffles. Eggs of all sorts. Chilaquiles.

But this past weekend, I finally tried avocado toasts, which I’ve had out a bunch of times. And they were a hit.

These avocado toasts were pretty simple. Here’s it:

Mash 1-2 ripe avocados with a fork, salt, and pepper, a squeeze of lime juice. Set aside while you toast some hearty wheat bread (make sure its properly toasted, not soggy– it needs to hold up to the toppings).

Now, the toppings.

I quick pickled some thinly sliced red onion and fresh jalapeno in lime juice and kosher salt. I sliced some heirloom grape tomatoes. And I cooked some eggs sunny side up. While the eggs were cooking, I topped each toast with some avocado, a sprinkle of red chili flakes, the limed onions and jalapenos, the sliced tomatoes, and then the sunny side egg. All of this was garnished with some micro greens.

Eat, down a Topo Chico, coffee, and relax. I imagine this is best served in summer and early fall, when the produce shines and every ingredient is appropriately ripe and in season. Bear in mind and avocado it up.

inspiration | murakami.


I recently went to see Takashi Murakami’s major exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and it was jaw dropping in its inspiration. The Octopus Eats its Own Leg is staggering and his attention to ancient Japanese practice to inform contemporary work really impressed upon me.

The pattern above now serves as a major inspiration to my work and craft moving forward.

What have you see lately that inspires you?

eat | guac and chips.


When I first visited Sean in Phoenix more than five years ago, he took me to this barrio cafe that served the best table side guacamole. Despite the fact that the avocados are the best avocados you’ll ever eat (unlike, often times, the ones that make it to us here in Boston), it had a really unique spin that I couldn’t get off my mind: pomegranate seeds.

The idea of it at first seemed odd, but these little sour bursts are the perfect pairing for any good quality guac, and now I make it this way at home to remind us of that time–not only how delicious the food was, but how it started this thing for us that we keep going.

Here’s how I make it: two ripe avocados, cubed. A bunch of cilantro, chopped. The juice of two limes, salt and pepper, the seeds of one pomegranate, one whole jalapeno chopped with pith and seeds (I like it spicy), and a dash of red onion.

Serve with chips, an iced cold beer, and swoon.