wip | neon socks.


This summer has been a kind of breather, for me. I had this moment in between employment, where I was looking to completely unplug and connect with relaxation, respite, passions.

And for some reason, that meant leaving the sticks in the field bag. I did very little, if any knitting, during this time. I often feel a creative pull toward one kind of making or another–I work in fits and starts, focus entirely on fiber, or ink, or the stove, for instance. But this summer, for some reason, I was lost in books and left little room for anything else. I didn’t make much. I never touched the computer or the blogs. And it felt good.

But, as I find summer winding down and I’m back in my work groove, I’ve been yearning for evening creative outlets that take little energy and can be enjoyed on the back porch or on the couch; things like knitting, that I can do with my eyes closed.

Of course, it could just be that it will soon, again, be time for scarves, hats, sweaters, and cozy socks, here in Boston, and maybe that’s why I’m back to knitting.

Anyways, these will be a pair of neon green socks for the doc. I haven’t made him a pair since his birthday last April, and had some pretty luxurious yarn just waiting for feet. These are a simple 3×1 rib with a pop of color on the toe and afterthought heel–my favorite kind of socks to crank out.

Finished snaps in the coming days, as I’m winding down on the second sock.

Here’s to more creative making this fall. What are you creating?

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