wip | ramona light.


I am closing in on the finish line of the body of my Ramona Light cardigan, knit up in Quince and Co. chickadee in the honey colorway. The drape of this sport weight yarn is beautiful–light and luxurious.

The yoke went really quickly but the body has languished on the needles nearly finished. I’ve decided I need to pick this back up and finish it before I start any new garments, so that I don’t have a backlog of items on the needles. This has been a big goal of mine through my knitting journey–I used to have many projects going at once, and now I have a maximum of 2. This has helped me to actually finish things and appreciate working from my stash in a more intentional way.

What other sweaters should I add to my list this winter? I’d like to try something really challenging—a cabled cardigan perhaps.

2 responses to “wip | ramona light.”

  1. Not a cardigan, but I love Norah Gaughan’s Beatnik sweater!

    1. ooo yes! i love that! that might go on the list….

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