knit | julie hoover sweater club #2.


I’ve had this incredible Julie Hoover sweater club box awaiting me for months. I purchased back in early spring and have yet to crack it and start it because I’ve been disciplined in trying to get more laborious Christmas gifts out of the way early.

What’s more, my knitting tends to drop off in summer–part of it is the weather and part of it is I have 8 weeks of vacation where all I want to do is read as many books as I possibly can get in during that times, which leaves little room for other handiwork.

And so, this fall, I’m finally going to tackle this one. The pattern is Jesper and I’m knitting in in this gorgeous natural tan. I love it.

Has anyone participated in a Sweater club? Did you fear casting on because you didn’t want to ruin that highly coveted and beautifully boxed pattern?

One response to “knit | julie hoover sweater club #2.”

  1. I did do the sweater club! At first I didn’t want to unwrap it but then my cat scratched the box to pieces one night and that made it a lot easier to wind everything up 😹 Also 8 weeks to read sounds glorious, I don’t blame you for not wanting to knit!

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