f.o.: little stripes sweater.


I’ve made one of these Purl Soho Little Baby Sweater tshirt style sweaters before for a colleague with an impending new babe. I like it; it’s super fast to knit up but looks like it takes a whole lot longer, and it’s fun, mindless knitting.

Plus, I can imagine how cute the little ones look in this, and it can be worn in winter over longer garments or worn in summer as added warmth in colder climes (like air conditioning!).

I had a hard time deciding on buttons for this one and kept going back and forth between the daisies I ultimately chose and a plain mustard matte button. I knew the baby was going to be a girl and this added some cuteness and dimension, but then I thought about the wearability of it for future kids. In the end, I obviously risked it with the idea that anyone can wear anything of course and if a little babe of any gender can’t wear flowers, who can?

Knit up in Knit Picks Palette yarn I had laying around in my stash in Coriander Heather for the main and Custard for the contrasting yellow. A great stash busting project at a super low cost that only required buying some buttons (which I picked up at the amazing Gather Here in Cambridge).


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