w.i.p. : snoqualmie cardigan, continued.

This cardigan has been a slow slog for me. Not because I don’t love it so far, but because if I want to do some mindless knitting, this isn’t the project I grab for–again, not because it isn’t enjoyable, and not even because the cables are difficult to memorize (they aren’t), but because I do have to pay attention. What row am I on? When am I decreasing to shape the sleeve cap? Am I removing cables with decreases appropriately? All the little details.

Now, what’s stopping me is the sleeves. Because I may be short on yarn. You see, I decided to use Quince and Co. Osprey in the audouin color way and it’s one of the undyed ones, meaning that it likely isn’t produced a whole bunch every calendar year. And so it’s been out of stock. I may have enough, but my guess is judging on what’s left, I’ll be short a skein or two. Mostly because at the last minute, when I cast on, I decided to add these large floating pockets, not in the original design, but definitely sucking up way more yarn that I anticipated.

So here we are. At a vest. Since I took these snaps, I’ve added the shawl collar and it looks phenomenally. I think it’s fitting so nicely, as well.

All that’s left is these pesky sleeves, the seaming of the sleeve cap (honestly, I’m terrified of this; I need to get it right), and picking out some buttons for this. When it is finished, I’m hoping I am in love with it as much as I’m pleased with it now, in vest form.

Have you ever knit a sweater and been stuck because of materials? Or fear of the sleeve cap?

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