f.o.: rainier pullover.

I really love the Rainier pullover pattern by Kate Gagnon Osborn and this was my first time knitting with the Kelbourne Woolens Scout yarn.

I will say this particular project started out, and finished, so beautifully. I loved the fit and knew it was the perfect Christmas gift to my mum this year; it felt like a sweater design that she would wear nonstop. However, it my haste to speed things along since I finished this a mere day prior to the holiday, I tried to speed up the drying process on my blocking because it just wasn’t getting there fast enough.

Shame on me.

Instead of what I thought was air fluff on my dryer setting (a reasonable way to get damp knits dry), I had it on delicate and lost track of time. Roh roh. This sweater slightly felted. And while it still fits, there is weird puckering in places on the body and I just can’t.stop.seeing.it. And wanted to beat myself up about it. And being so disappointed that at one time, it was perfect, and I had to ruin it.

Before the ill fated trip in the dryer.

My mum still wears it.

This is a note to myself: gift a sweater partially damp on a hanger before trying to speed things up. It will never go as planned.

Consider this one lost to the finish off pride pile. Perhaps I can build up enough gusto to make it again, but for now, I’m still sad and bitter about the whole thing.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

One response to “f.o.: rainier pullover.”

  1. Oh i’m so sorry this happened, and also that you are giving yourself such a hard time about it. You have made an utterly beautiful and stunning jumper that your mother clearly loves and is so proud to wear. The felting doesn’t show up in the photos, so I really wonder if it’s as visible as you think. It’s a horrible thing to happen but you are also such a wonderful and talented knitter and I hope you can still feel some pride and joy in what you have achieved. Bw Pink

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