f.o. : weekender sweater.

Andrea Mowry’s Weekender sweater had been on my list to knit for awhile, and I finally got around to it this winter/spring at the start of the pandemic. Everything about this sweater was a joy to knit up–I loved the construction details and it was mindless enough for my distracted mind with just the right details to keep the knitting interesting.

I was initially thinking it would be more boat neck than I tend to like, but the fit isn’t wide at the neck and it turned out to be one of the more cosy, well fitting sweaters I’ve made in awhile. Even though it’s called the weekender, this is polished enough to look great for work but also to jump into when I spend the weekend at home on the couch knitting in my pajamas. Cheers to that.

Here are my ravelry notes on the project. I used Harrisville Designs Nightshades and I just loved this yarn. I’ve got to knit with it again. Definitely a highlight fiber on the year for me. The color way is static, which is the dark indigo with bits of black and white rolling through it. Beauty.

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