f.o.: 100 acts of sewing pants and shirt.

The pandemic has accelerated my interest and production of made by me clothing. Let’s just say, I’ve had time. And I decided, even though my wardrobe loves all black all the time, that this pandemic has urged me toward pattern. All the pattern. Patterned top and patterned bottom.

Enter this outfit. The patterns are 100 Acts of Sewing shirt no. 1 and pants no. 1. Not a lot of fuss so really great for beginners and a great base for making modifications. Shirt no. 1 will teach you how to make the best bias tape necklines.

Fabric is Ruby Star Society Alma Field in suede by Alexia Marcelle Abegg. I’m obsessed with her brilliant fabric design work.

Of course, in these dark times, I’ve decided to add additional flare with matching masks; I’ve used Gather Here’s great pattern with a modification for a nose piece made with the closure from a coffee bag (it works great for creating a strong seal). And, no print all over pattern is complete without a matching bandana for girl’s best friend, Jackie. We’ve worn this once to our library and boy was it a hit.

More of these acts to follow. I’ve got a few.

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