f.o. : (heavily modified) jupiter crop.

This is my heavily modified Jupiter Crop by Caitlin Hunter. I didn’t want it cropped and I definitely didn’t want it short sleeved (I mean, I just find that to be impractical in New England and if I’m going to the trouble to knit a sweater well… then I’d like to maximize the amount of time I can wear it, especially in the fiber called for in this pattern).

Enter my version of the Jupiter, which is full body and has long sleeves although I used the same yarn and color schematic from the pattern notes. I had to improvise with how to add in the color work so it looked well thought out an even. I repeated and mirror some portions of the charts and combined a bit of the body and sleeve charts to create the longer sleeve.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the look of the finished garment, and I liked my color work plans. The yarn, Retrosaria Vovo, is a dream to work with. The fit? Eh, I don’t love love love the way it feels on me. Maybe I made the body a bit long? Could have benefited from some more shaping? I’m not sure what my issue is with it–it doesn’t look particularly poorly on (this photo was snapped before I finally finished). I’ll take some finished product snaps soon and you can help me decide.

It was a really enjoyable knit to start, but I just got stuck on sleeve island and by then, I was over it. My guess is I will end up gifting this one. Stay tuned.

Here are my project notes.

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