f.o. : flying geese woven bracelet.

It only took a year, but this pandemic afforded me the time to buckle down and hold myself accountable to finishing projects I started a long while ago. The Purl Soho Flying Geese beaded loom bracelet was just one of those projects. I started it in earnest back in August 2019 and nearly finished the entire bracelet in a few days time.

And as I often do, I then let it sit and moved on. I didn’t finish it. In the box it lived. And finally, this spring, I just said get this thing off the loom and I did just that. It’s beautiful and it fits me like a glove (smallest size). My only complaints: the buttons are really hard to button; I think I’d do this one again with a different kind of magnetic clasping mechanism to make it easier to get on; and weaving in all those ends when you take it off the bead loom is painstakingly slow. Very, very slow.

I’ve already made a black, gray, and turquoise version for the Doc. It’s all finished and I’ve taken it off the loom. But again, it languishes because I’m sick of weaving in ends (with about half to go). Maybe posting this is the push I need to just…finish.

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