f.o.: shíyázhí sweater.

This is the Shíyázhí Sweater by Jennifer Berg, a fabulous Native designer whose has a number of patterns I’ve completed. The Shíyázhí sweater is a beautiful color work pullover for children and this one was made for my youngest nephew, on his 4th birthday this summer.

Mine is knit up using all sorts of yarn from my stash (proud not to have had to purchase any new materials for this one)–Malabrigo Merino in bobby blue for the main and ankara green for the color work… with little pops of some orange yarn I had laying around of unknown origin. This was my interpretation of the color work chart–I wanted to add another tiny pop of color somehow and the orange bits is exactly what I had hoped it would look like. One other modification I made was to the neckline–I added a few rows of contrasting color at the top for added attention. Really, it was just that I absolutely ran out of the main color way with two rows to go and couldn’t fudge it at all, so improvise it was. And I think it came out excellent.

Here’s the link to my project on ravelry. I definitely plan to make one of these for a friend’s future babe, coming next year. You could do endless color combinations!

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