welcome, joni mitchell dog.

This pandemic has been long, challenging. Our family has lost folks to the virus; and we lost our dear companion of many, many years, Jackie, our beloved canine best friend. For months, we wallowed. Depression kicked in. We played lots of games to ward off the pain of not hearing his clicking claws across our hardwoods. We lost touch with neighbors because we didn’t pass them out on a morning or evening walk with old boy.

And then, at the start of June, we felt ready to open our hearts again. We welcomed Joni Mitchell, an Eastern European Village dog (the equivalent of a rez dog here!) into our home. It’s been 3 months and a lot of coaxing and teaching skittish pup about the world. She’s 10 months now, deeply loving and playful at home, and learning to tolerate strangers, unexplained noises, and we hope, living in the city.

It’s fitting, too. Joni Mitchell’s Blue album, celebrated 50 years this June. We are smitten.

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