a published essay.

This Long Thread by Jen Hewett, is a long thread we’ve been waiting for in the crafting and making world. Jen Hewett, a surface designer, thinker, artist and generally incredible human being saw a story that needed telling about the experiences women of color face in the making world.

More than a year ago, Jen so kindly asked me to be a part of this book by contributing an essay in the Handmade Past and Present chapter of this book. My essay is an homage to my grandmother, Geraldine Fife Wolf, who unfortunately passed before this book went to print. In the essay, I talk about the role our grandmothers play in shaping our lives–from understanding our histories, cultures, to how we use that knowledge to impact our process of making art. This essay is personal and I’m proud of it. It started as a simple seed; an instagram post dripping in frustration that eventually produced legs and new growth through this essay.

I will forever be grateful to and humbled by Jen for affording me this opportunity; I’ve always been a hack writer–first as a journalist covering crime, politics, and other general interest to this little space in the world where I talk about what I make. For once, Jen makes me feel in some way legitimate.

So grab your copy of This Long Thread, which is out Tuesday, November 16. Additionally, I’ll be on a panel with Jen Hewitt, Dana Williams-Johnson of Yards of Happiness, and Virginia Johnson–friend and owner of Gather Here and all around amazing human–on launch day. I admire these women over and over and through and through, so if you can join us in conversation, please do!

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