f.o.: osprey pullover.

For some reason, this was a slow knit for me. I started it last spring and didn’t finish it until early fall. It sat for long stretches. The brioche is beautiful, but slow to knit.

But, I love it. Osprey by Jacqueline Cieslak is a nice wardrobe staple pullover knit up in DK yarn. I used Brooklyn Tweed Dapple I had in my stash–this was my first time using this yarn and I changed skeins every other row to prevent major pockets of pooling because this yarn has a unique color pattern, hence the name dapple.

I do love Jacqueline’s patterns. They are thorough, easy to follow, provide interesting details to keep you learning and your mind engaged (this one had a nice v-neck detail).

I still haven’t worn my Ursa Sweater yet, despite finishing it nearly 2 years ago. And I haven’t yet worn this one–push me! One of my intentional goals for 2022 is to actually wear the things I knit.

Project details here, as always.

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