f.o. : grettir.

I’ve been wanting to knit a Grettir pullover by Jared Flood since the pattern was released in 2013! And 2021 was apparently the year–even though I purchased the yarn for it in 2019.

Here we are. A completed Grettir with the rolled collar option; I also chose to do the shaped version but with no waist shaping at bottom for a fit with more ease and it’s…perfect.

This was such a fast, engaging project and it only took me about a week to knit, start to finish. I always dread patterns that start with the sleeves, but then RELISH them when I get to the yoke and don’t have the sleeves left to knit. What a fascinating psychology there.

My Grettir sweater is knit using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter–the main color is cast iron and the color work section features woodsmoke, snowbound, and embers. I have zero complaints about this, start to finish.

Now to decide whether I keep it or gift it.

As always, my project notes here.

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