f.o. : hanko

It’s been awhile, but I promise I’ve been making things–maybe more so now than in all of 2020 and 2021, combined. I’ve had so much more headspace for my own personal creativity and for knitting in the margins. And with that, I’ve completed a number of garments–all of which, mostly, I haven’t worn much after completing. But! I’m working on actually walking into the world wearing my hand makes.

This is the Hanko Pullover by Sari Nordlund and I loved everything about the process of making this sweater–the yarn (which I’d never used before) and the shape of the piece and the meditative (and quick!) quality of the pattern.

This was knit up exactly as the pattern sample–using Sandnes Garn PetiteKnit Double Sunday in almond for the main and eucalyptus and camel for the contrasting stripes. No modifications.

My project notes, as always, are here.

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