f.o. : sunshine sweater.

This Sunshine Pullover by TinCan Knits was a dream–I splurged on my first skeins from Rainbow Heirloom and I’m so pleased because the yarn is absolutely incredible. Vivid, striking! I got a few mini skeins, as well, to use on a hat or small accessories later.

The Sunshine was made for my youngest nephew, who is still in love with my “cozy” sweaters and picks one out to wear to school every day it’s sweater season. His birthday is in June, so this is what I gave him this year. He immediately wanted to wear it even though it really wasn’t sweater weather.

This used Rainbow Heirloom Sweater in the navy boy color way for the main and a bunch of minis in reds, yellows, blue, and turquoise for the yoke (I purchased this kit for ease). I knit this in size 4 – 6 and it should fit the wearer for a few years, which is the hope for little ones!

You can see my project notes here; I opted to do the short row shaping at the back because it creates a better fit. Overall, a really fast and fun knit with eye catching color work. This was really my last completed project before the throes of moving, and so, my needles were really dormant the remainder of summer and fall.

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