w.i.p.: the balan cardigan.

Please help me find the inspiration and brain space to pick up the amazing Balan Cardigan by Emily Greene that I started last spring.

This was before we decided to sell our small place in Boston and move to a gorgeous, 1940s house with so much more room to roam–and a bunch of projects to keep us busy and help us make it home.

So this one has sat. And sat. And sat. And sat.

It requires a ton of brain energy–I can’t just bring it to a meeting or a gathering and work on it. I need to concentrate. And my concentration hasn’t been available to me in months. And it’s got so many bobbles. Those bobbles–gorgeous, but time consuming.

I am loving it so far and trying not to ignore the few errors in the seed stitch background I had at the start of the back. Everyone tells me I’m the only one that notices it but it’s all I can see. Once the whole thing is done, I’m guessing those helpful folks will be right.

This one is being knit up with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (you know, a fave of mine!) in the fossil color way just like the sample because I fell in love!

January perhaps? Can I pick it back up then? I have the back completed but need some inspiration to casting on for the fronts and the sleeves. Send help!

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