norway / love.

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day for the romantic aspect. I could care less about roses and candlelight dinners and expectations. I’m more throw me a mini box of chocolates like this favorite and make all the cute Valentine’s things. It’s really about the making, isn’t it? First up, of course, is a hearts hatContinue reading “norway / love.”

Norway, I do love you!

Man, I love Pickles. Yes, your garden variety vinegared cuke, and of course, the Norwegian Blog. I recently finished their loverly heart hat, From Norway With Love, and its absolutely amazing. I didn’t follow their color scheme–and I added a pom pom on top for added kitsch–but I like my take on it too. IContinue reading “Norway, I do love you!”

lover hat.

This is the From Norway with Love hat I knit for the doc this Valentine’s Day. I love this hat; I’ve knit several of them, but I think this version might be my favorite. The main color is Manos del Uruguay Maxima in the slate colorway, which sometimes looks gray and sometimes looks purple, whichContinue reading “lover hat.”

Hearty Hats for yet another Boston winter…

Lately, I’ve been feverishly knitting up some hats for friends and family as a hearty Boston winter approaches and sets in for the long haul. Of course, after seeing the latest Harry Potter flick The Half Blood Prince, I just had to work up the beautiful cable and lace hat Hermione is wearing outside theContinue reading “Hearty Hats for yet another Boston winter…”

wip: lush cardigan, 6.12

Since I snapped this photo of the nearly finished body for the Lush Cardigan, I have since completed everything but one button band. It was a really quick knit, I was surprised, given the lace panel’s need to be blocked before joining to the yoke and sleeves, etc. I highly recommend this pattern; its soContinue reading “wip: lush cardigan, 6.12”

baktus striped, 2.2

I finally decided to knit up a baktus style Norwegian scarf, which begins skinny, gets wider through the middle, and then decreases again, much like a triangular scarf but knit a bit differently. Instead of using a self-striping sock yarn, I decided to alternate between a cream and bright red. I know I’m on aContinue reading “baktus striped, 2.2”

Box o’…Take Dos.

I love giving friends giant boxes o’ random fun. It’s something that pleaseth me mucheth. Yesterday, I put the finishing touches and preps on a package that’s to go out today to my good friend, Jessica “Mim” George, who I will be rendezvousing in NYC with just next month. A key to some of theContinue reading “Box o’…Take Dos.”

In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!

I am, no doubt, absolutely obsessed with Pickles. Yes, I do mean the spicy, vinegary cuke treats–but more importantly, for the purposes of this here site, the beauteous Pickles blog, a Norway-based blog that also features a shop of yummy yarns and patterns. If you haven’t made the Pickles blog a daily reading habit, whatContinue reading “In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!”