reader request: knitting skin.

As most knitters know, the constant working of wool around your fingers can often leave the skin torn up, sore, and chapped. Just today, I had a pretty bloody nail bed after spending the weekend working up some knits for impending babies (not mine, of course! others! others!). I swear by L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand […]

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reader request: from my purse.

A reader asked that I dump out the contents of my purse; I was confused; after a few clicks, I realized, apparently this is something other bloggers do. And so I’ll oblige for the request series. My purse is vintage Coach, purchased for a measly some odd dollars on Etsy from YokohiYoko–a brilliant thrifter living […]

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current addictions: april.

I’m on this “current addictions” kick, which I started as a new monthly “what I love” thing in 2011 . You can check out the march addictions here, or just gobble the latest below. Top Row, left to right: 1. Frye Keyfob Bull keychain 2. Felted Trivet by la.daridar  3. Porcelain Pens, fine tipped, for […]

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