This is a blog about everything and anything Jenna is crafting, cooking, eating, reading, or generally obsessing about related to handiwork and art.

When not cataloging her make with hands endeavors here, she is a library director at a school by day, where she gets to explore crazy ideas that blend traditional making, technology, and research. As a member of Mvskoke Creek Nation, textile arts, beading, and other kinds of handiwork have always been intrinsic desires and making, a way of life.  She cares deeply about the art of indigenous peoples, and how that traditional work informs every aspect of her process and product.

Her interests include canines, books, any works by Adrian Tomine, Drawn & Quarterly, wedges of cheese, pints of beer, black coffee and hot whiskey, self striping sock yarn, journalists, writers amok, music (please nod over to her first love, Pulp and Circumstance where she talks all things instrumental), tending to her large cacti and succulent collection, camping, learning new crafts, and travel.

She hopes to one day be able to take a year off from working to camp through remote parts of North and Central America.

Please check out her Flickr to see most of her work, travel, and art. She also has knitting patterns for sale (and freebies, too) at ravelry.

She lives in Boston with her partner, Sean, and their dog Jack.