vday for doggies.


It’s important you treat everyone you love to something special on Valentine’s Day. But I’m a firm believer it should be something unique and handmade, rather than some over the top grand gesture. A meal at home, a hand drawn card, oh, and perhaps, some peanut butter and bacon dog biscuits for your beloved canine.

I followed Sallys Baking Addiction recipe almost to a T, but I added a bit of honey and a dash more milk to my dough to make it a little easier to work with. No other modifications.

These are so easy to make and likely, the ingredients will be on hand in the pantry. Your dogs will love you for it! These ones are for my sir winston churchill the corgi, sean’s boy jack, and some of their friends.

officially summer, 6.20

It’s officially summer, and the corgi Sir Winston Churchill, despite hating the heat, does love boating. And so he takes his second ride of the season.

If this isn’t pure bliss, an utter representation of a dog’s life, then I don’t know what is…

dinner guest, 1.23

My mum serves brilliant Sunday dinners. Our recent dinner guest, Willa Cather the pup, is one of Sir Winston Churchill’s closest chums. She liked sitting politely at the dinner table during dessert, whilst Sir Win paced at the thought of my mum’s gingerbread cake.

pup in snow.

Sir Winston Churchill just adores the snow. He gets energized by the cold–and since his legs are so squat, he has to pop his body and prance through the high drifts in the most adorable mania known to man.

He is like a child who wears their pajamas inside out the night before the chance of a snowed out school day.

a dog’s life, 9.9

Sir Winston loves summer boating extravaganzas; he basks at the back–in the wind, excitement, and ever so slightly pushes the envelope of risk, stretching his short little legs right toward the edge.

And he looks gorgeous in black and white, too.

corgi, 8.12

Sir Winston Churchill loves to look out the screen door in search of chipmunks, and his neighbor friend, Irish Wolf Hound Kendrick, who looks like a small pony. A sight to see next to my little guy Win.

Herd up…

For some reason, the corgi Sir Winston Churchill just loooves standing on my knitting…and, well, the coffee table, too.

So if you’ve ever been gifted something handmade by yours truly, its probably got a bit of a contribution from Winston too…

I think he’s attracted to all my yarns and projects because he can smell the sheep, the alpaca, and the like, and desires to flip the ball around the room in instinctual mayhem.  Certainly, I’ve tested it; thrown a bit of acrylic or cotton his way, some cheap yarn, he nary glances, steps, bats, flips…mostly, he just sighs. Oh, but introduce the baby alpaca, the lamb’s wool..the….goodbye project.

File Under: Hairy situation…for sure.