Gifted to me by a former student; adding to my cactus and succulent collection, and so happy to do so. I can’t live without plants, and I appreciate low maintenance ones.

summer fruit.

When you live in New England, there’s nothing better than the first delicious bites of summer fruits and berries. I mean, really. We wait all year for a strawberry to taste like a strawberry. This is what I call a bowl of heaven.

jade plant, 4.13

I’m obsessed with succulent plants; but lately, I’ve been really focused, extra keen, what not on jade plants in particular. My mum purchased me this adorable one a few weeks back and he finally has a home in the perfect planter.

xmas gifted, #4.

After gaining the idea from my friend Amy, I decided to make some plant terrariums for my Mum and sister-in-law for Christmas gifts. Let me tell you, it seemed simple, but was actually quite difficult to get everything lined up and planted nicely in our little glass tins.

Mackenzie, ever the helpful friend, made 2, as did I, and we crossed our fingers that all would work since we never managed to find horticultural charcoal so we just did without.

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sprucing, 10.30

It’s nice to have weekend guests. I love the cleaning and prepping that comes with such visits–and since its Halloween this weekend, I thought my out of towners might like to be pleased by some orange fresh cut roses.

They look really gorgeous on the dining table.