cross country.

Roanhorse Canyon, Navajo Nation, norther New Mexico–Sean’s grandma’s land. It’s the most perfect camping spot and the only one we got to hit up this summer as part of our cross country journey from Phoenix to Boston, where we are now together, putting our house together.

Summer, why do you ever have to leave? See more snaps from our trip here.

snow joke.

We are drowning here in Boston. Historic snowfall has left the entire city crippled. The only benefits to this collapse is all the snow days dedicated to making things. In all the years I’ve lived in Boston, I haven’t seen it this debilitating. Where I live, there is nowhere to put the snow, as evidence by this photo I snapped on Tuesday in my alley. But, make all the things during a snowpocalypse.


There’s nothing better than a blizzard bringing a major city to a halt. I love how quiet the city gets; my normally busy block is filled with prancing pups in the snow, people on cross country skis skating down Beacon Street, and kids on sleds on major roadways.

Plus, when school closes (since I’m a librarian at one), it affords me the opportunity to nurture my hobbies. Days are spent knitting, reading, baking, and of course, shoveling, too.

It wasn’t the most monumental storm I’ve seen in my 15 years here in this city, but it was a good one nonetheless. Thanks Juno, you’ve been fun.

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This summer, I spent most of my time on various amazing, life changing trips. Nights in a moon roofed tent, days hiking in canyons and swimming in secluded lakes. If I could go back and start them all over again, I would. If you want to see some snaps from my jaunt through the southwest, pictures are here but have yet to be organized. Oh, and we did that whole east coast, Tennessee, and Smoky Mountain thing, too.

Can we please go back to summer vacation?

spring break.

I spent my spring break on two camping trips–I began in southern Arizona, surrounded by more than 5,000 saguaro cacti, and then flew to Savannah, Georgia to meet my mum and sister to camp along the eastern seacoast all the way home.

It was a blast; the weather in Arizona was delicious, and I managed to read 3 books and knit 2 sweaters in all the relaxation.

You can check out snaps from the trip here. Or, wade through last year’s cross country camping trip as well.