Scenes from a weekend out of the city…

Scrabble tiles from a game with an absolutely stalled board… Fresh pineapple was consumed in large quantities thanks to its general ripeness and ability to get on fine with a pint of Smuttynose summer… I made some really delicious sandwiches for the group…there’s nothing like the entrance of summer. Tomatoes with taste! And of course,Continue reading “Scenes from a weekend out of the city…”

So, ho, in love with Purl…

Purl Soho is amazing! Able to visit for the first time this past weekend–and during their grand opening at the new location no less–I scooped up some delicious skeins of Lorna and some lace weight which I can’t wait to use to create a new wave patterned shawl; I can see it in my headContinue reading “So, ho, in love with Purl…”

In New York…Day Dos.

The greatest Salt bagel, ever. With uber-delicious tofu cream cheese. Who knew there were so many smears? Jessica devouring her tofu smeared bagel and a giant Iced Coffee; the perfect start to a monumental day trek through the city that started in Gramercy, went on to Chelsea, moved into Soho, and ended with an epicContinue reading “In New York…Day Dos.”

In New York…Day Uno.

Coffee, knitting, and “A Happy Man” awaiting my train at South Station. Jessica mesmerized by our amazingly painted room at the Carlton Arms; it was filled with wacky scenes of crazy animals– a perfect fit for us, naturally! A squeal-worthy gift from Jessica; handmade mouse by an artist in North Carolina, and of course, theContinue reading “In New York…Day Uno.”