fair isle baby.

A co-worker and friend just informed me he will be the proud papa of a baby girl this December. The obvious first choice was to begin with Purl Bee’s Fair Isle baby hat, which I’ve been dying to make for some time.

This was a quick 2 hour knit. I used Knit Picks Palette, since I have 100 skeins of it in every imaginable colorway, and wanted to reflect the original pattern’s motif. The main color way is white, and the motif (from bottom on up) are as follows: asphalt heather, briar heather, camel heather, almond, and oyster heather.

Check out my project at ravelry. 

odd bod.

odd bodd.

I made this odd bodd by Donna Wilson for my friend r.r.’s first baby, due any day now. Minus the labor intensiveness of mirroring the colorwork and carrying multiple small balls of yarn to create the spots, it was worth it for its finished product. I think, technically speaking, he’s a “cat” in the book, but I call him a dog, so dog he is.