cardamom & bourbon.

One of the first experimental drinks I’ve made from my new bar cart. Small batch bourbon, gifted to me by a coworker, cardamom bitters, and a cherry to garnish. I made this one for the coworker who gifted me the delicious Texas booze. It was a hit.

What other kinds of cocktails should I try out?

bar cart.

I’ve been wanting a bar cart for my place for years. Instead of going out and buying the first thing that caught my eye, its been a years-long search for a special piece that fit seamlessly within my design aesthetic.

This summer, whilst wandering through an antique barn in rural New Hampshire, a mint condition jade green 1950s kitchen cart covered in table clothes and various teacups and knick knacks, caught my eye and the rest is history. For $40, this cart was to be my moving bar and unlike a lot of the similar carts I’d seen online and in antique stores, it didn’t need any refurbishing.

Of course, my cart is stocked with the essentials–to shelf liquors, mixing tools, and glassware. Recently, as a birthday present from my sister, I became the owner of a whole bunch of small bottles of fancy (alcohol based — the best kind!) Scrappers Bitters in flavors like cardamon, grapefruit, lavender, and celery.

I’ve also been able to take items out that have previous been stored in cabinets–like my amazing cactus juicer and prickly pear margarita salt dish. It’s all so exciting.

What else should I include on my bar cart? Who wants to come over for a fancy cocktail?