summer beer, 7.15

Session Lager, from Oregon, which happens to be a go-to beer on a hot summer day or early evening. I adore their stubby bottles a la Red Stripe, as well, and like its Jamaican friend, goes down just as smooth to the likes of Bob Marley’s “She’s Gone”, in case you need a soundtrack, too.

suspension, 11.21

A flight at the Portsmouth Brewery with Mack; pretty much the best way to cap a weekend that kicks off a holiday week, no?

Perusing the list of beers.

A cheers, of course.


O snap! That was a good pint…

I adore taking photos of pint glasses in bars I frequent. There’s something about the way the shots always come out that absolutely thrill me and make me thirsty for a nice cold one!

The above photo was snapped sometime in a snowstorm at Doyle’s in JP when Harry Cahill and I braved the weather and knocked a few back. We were two of only a small handful of people in the establishment–Doyle’s was a ghost town and it seems as such in the photo, too. It’s as if you can tell we were the only two enjoying the bitters that night.

There’s only one thing better than actually enjoying the pints and snapping their progress along the way–and that’s having a treat to go with! Like cones of frites with special dipping sauces, a la the ones Mackenzie and I gobbled yesterday at a early 4:30 p.m. Sunday dinner and pints of Cuvee and Youngs at Publick House, where we also managed to catch the US v. Canada Gold Medal hockey game with a dotting of Canadians in the bar.